The World of Youtube Class

The World of Youtube Class

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The World of YOUTBE focuses on creating and building YOUTUBE channels all the while helping others develop a personality and brand online.
Each session would be fun, live, and interactive.

  • How to create a YOUTUBE channel

  • How to grow a new/existing YOUTUBE


  • How to find YOUR niche on YOUTUBE

  • How to build YOUR personality/brand on


Participating in discussions on branding and content with instructor

  • Practicing screen sharing with the instructor

  • Developing confidence when creating


  • How to grow your YOUTUBE audience and get more subscribers

  • How to keep your audience engaged with YOUR content

  • How to leverage other social media platforms to grow your YOUTBE channel.

  • How to make YOUTUBE thumbnails

  • How to edit YOUR videos professionally

  • How to get monetized on YOUTUBE