Meet The Team

Krystal Veras 
Certified Life Coach
CEO of Clear Life Services



Krystal Veras considers herself a strong spokesperson of our generation and those to come. She is a diverse Life Coach who has encountered challenging goals and have accomplished many breakthroughs throughout her career.  

As we are all aware time progresses, new life changing laws come to place, and challenging situations come knocking on our door. However, we all aspire to surpass and overcome those obstacles no matter how hard it may seem. Krystal is the source of strength that will guide you to not only accomplish your goals but to open your horizons to new endeavors.   

Krystal is Certified Life Coach with a Master’s in Social Work and a Bachelor’s in Psychology with abackground that permits her to be an extremely effective mentor. Before starting her Life Coaching journey and obtaining her practice, she devoted her early professional years working alongside the Developmental Disability and Mental Health Population. She also has volunteered experience with the adolescence, teenagers, adults, elderly, psychiatric, high risk and those who are underserved. She believes in the humanity of others, which enables her to have the patience and forbearance to help those in need.  

Currently, she has over 13 years of experience working with the Developmental Disability Population, she’s a Psychotherapist, and a strong advocate for her clients and family members. 

Her overall objective is to help as many people as possible overcome their obstacles and reach their greatest potential.  



Greg Gilmore
Certified Life Coach
President of Clear Life Services



Greg Gilmore is an experienced Certified Life Coach that leads his business with loyalty and discretion. He approaches all situations with an objective view to assist you with accomplishing all of your goals. His strongest suits are Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Financial Coaching, Retirement Coaching, Performance Coaching, Time Management Coaching and Work/Life Balance Coaching. Let him put his commitment and expertise to work for you.