Master Your World Class

Master Your World Class

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Master Your World Class focuses on the importance of leadership skills as part of your growth and learning for when becoming a leader. Leaders know how to step out of their comfort zone, build consensus, resolve conflict, and work through challenges.
Each session would be fun, live, and interactive.

Master Your World Class activities will include: 

  • Keeping a reflection journal or a log

  • Keeping a calendar with dates of activities

  • Completing and reviewing surveys of

    YOUR choice

  • Bellringer activities of YOUR interest

  • Choosing topics that YOU truly care for

  • Developing S.M.A.R.T. goals and planning for implementing them

  • Participating in discussions on current events and topics such as what makes a leader successful in different cultures, communities, and countries

  • Practicing writing and making different types of short speeches to inform and persuade.

  • Learning about YOUR leadership style

  • Understanding common problems and


  • Working towards accepting/giving criticism

  • Developing confidence when speaking to


  • Positive recognition post cards, text messages, or emails

  • Participants will have opportunities to practice and strengthen their research skills and work on projects as a team.