Thoughts 1.2

Let’s take a few seconds to appreciate your life, your health and body. With that said let’s do our breathing exercise. In the count of 3 close your eyes, take a deep breath & release. Here we go!! In the count of 3...2...1...inhale...…exhale....let’s do that 2 more times.

This exercise helps to relax your body, your mind and it clears any thought process. Tell me how did that feel, amazing?  That was a well-deserved feeling, I must say.

Let’s continue by reminding ourselves about our purpose “clear mind. clear vision. clear path”. Your purpose begins now, let’s not wait any longer nor delay our destiny.

Today I have chosen a very burdensome topic. Let’s speak about taking accountability for your actions, that act of realizing and owning your faults without making excuses.

I know what you must be thinking, taking full accountability can feel like an attack, or even a betrayal to yourself. Especially when you’re not ready to acknowledge how your behaviors have and can hurt others. The key point is taking ownership of your actions. What happens when you no longer “Play the Victim”, in situations/circumstances that you create for yourself??? It liberates YOU and does amongst you. Begin with honesty, admit when you’re wrong, compromise, understand others, apologize and then move on, healthier.

Do your best to amend what you’ve done wrong, manage your time carefully and don’t take on more then what you can handle. Put this in perspective, your body, mind and soul can take but so much, your wellbeing is more important.

Always love yourself first, uplift yourself, and set reachable goals. And don’t forget to check off accomplished goals. You can do anything you set yourself to do, nothing is impossible.

Believe ♾ 

Inspire ✨

Love ❤️

"Where there is no accountability, there will also be no responsibility"-Sunday Adelaja